Direct Thermal Gaming

Appvion provides the gaming industry with durable solutions that last. Our direct thermal gaming products are ideal for pre-printing fine detail and have exceptional resistance properties. Many grades are backcoated for compatibility with high-definition graphics.

Industry Leading Gaming Solutions

Appvion’s premium direct thermal gaming grades meet the needs of customers looking for an OEM-approved product or wherever high durability and functionality are required. Our direct thermal gaming products’ crisp imaging ensures a quality feel, reliable barcode scannability, and rich, dark image quality. Our solutions are designed for lottery tickets, coinless slots, sports betting, online lottery, kiosks, and other gaming applications.

Exceptional Press Printing

Appvion’s direct thermal gaming portfolio offers exceptional press printing performance, delivering rich, dark images for standard and high-speed printers.

Superior Handling Properties

Many of our direct thermal gaming products are topcoated and backcoated with protective barrier coatings for exceptional handling, durability, and resistance.

Reliable Image Performance

Our gaming solutions empower end-users with crisp, consistent barcode scannability and superior press printing performance for high-impact graphics.

Royale 800-4.5


CALIPER (mils): 4.4

BASIS WEIGHT (g/m2): 94.7




  • Casino — Coinless Slots
Résiste® 600-3.1
Alpha® Plus 600-3.2
Alpha® Plus 600-3.2 Canary
Alpha® 800-3.8

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Royale® is a topcoated direct thermal product for use in specific coinless slot machine (TITO: ticket-in-ticket-out) applications requiring a high-definition image and image life.


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Alpha® Plus

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