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Our direct thermal label portfolio offers a wide array of materials science and innovation designed to provide versatility and resistance in the most demanding environments. At Appvion, we understand that high printing speed, excellent barcode contrast, resistance and versatility, and environmental and chemical resistance are crucial when it comes to barcode labeling.

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Labels play a crucial role in transferring data between the physical and digital worlds. At Appvion, we pride ourselves on our top-tier label products designed to meet your unique requirements, from specialized materials that withstand demanding environments to products that ensure clarity and durability. Our water-based coatings and direct thermal paper provide a protective barrier for extended image life, particularly in harsh conditions.

Operational Efficiency

Our label solutions are compatible with today’s direct thermal printers and provide quality images at varying print speeds. Whether you require high-volume printing or a short label life, our direct thermal technology delivers unmatched results, empowering your business with operational efficiency.

Proven Performance

Appvion’s topcoated label products provide exceptional performance, even in the most challenging environments where withstanding various chemicals is crucial. Our thermal paper products offer superior durability, ensuring the longevity of your labels and the effective transfer of vital information.

Consistent Readability

Our label solutions empower end-users with consistent readability, providing sharp, high-contrast imaging for effective barcode scanning. Whether you require a durable label material for a demanding environment or thermal paper for your everyday labeling needs, our label products deliver superior results.

Alpha® 180-3.3



CALIPER (mils): 3.3

BASIS WEIGHT (g/m2): 75.9



  • Bakery
  • Cross Docking
  • Deli
  • Distribution Labels
  • Grocery Weigh Scale
  • Light Logistics
  • Warehouse Labels
Alpha® 185-3.2
Résiste® 15% PCW
Résiste® 185-3.2
Résiste® 900-3.0
Résiste® B550-3.1
Résiste® B900-3.2
Résiste® RX
Résiste® SR
ThermArt® Orange 600-3.2
Wavex® PD

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Résiste® is a topcoated label facestock best suited for applications where extended image life is required in normal environments or resistance to oils and grease is needed.


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