Direct Thermal Solutions

Our specialty coating solutions combine direct thermal technology, state-of-the-art materials science, and groundbreaking innovations in water-based coatings. We leverage our proprietary processes and technical know-how to support consumers in their daily lives, from weigh-scale labels at the deli to medical wristbands, retail shelf marking, and e-commerce packages.

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    Optimized Efficiency

    In today’s competitive market, data-fueled insights are essential. Our thermal paper products deliver the critical information end-users need, ensuring unparalleled legibility and durability in a variety of environments. With our solutions, businesses can achieve greater visibility and optimize their efficiency.

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    Real-Time Connection

    We live in a connected world where doctors authenticate patient identity, pharmacists verify a patient’s medication and dosage, and consumers track the arrival of their package. Appvion’s innovative solutions enable real-time connections for these relationships. Our direct thermal technology ensures reliable connectivity with crisp, clear imaging and exceptional resistance properties. 

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    Value-Based Approach

    At Appvion, we believe that chemistry is the key to innovative direct thermal and specialty coated solutions that continually improve product performance and protect the environment. Our value-based approach supports end-user requests for products made with more natural components.

Appvion’s Direct Thermal Solutions

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Our direct thermal label portfolio is designed to meet specific labeling needs for a variety of barcode applications. Our label products offer high printing speed, excellent barcode contrast, and exceptional resistance properties. With our label solutions, you can expect versatility and environmental, chemical, and resistance properties, making them perfect for your labeling needs. 

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Ticket & Tag

Appvion’s direct thermal ticket and tag products provide exceptional imaging quality, ensuring reliable barcode scannability and consistent image quality. Our products offer excellent press printing characteristics and are compatible with high-quality image graphics, making them the perfect choice for your ticket and tag needs.

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The gaming industry demands durable solutions that last. Our direct thermal gaming products are ideal for pre-printing fine detail and have exceptional resistance properties. Many grades are back-coated for compatibility with high-definition graphics, ensuring that your gaming products are of the highest quality.

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Our film solutions provide an excellent barrier for unique applications where high plasticizer content adhesives could migrate through the paper sheet. Direct thermal films also added durability and sharp imaging for high water resistance or sheet strength applications. With our film products, you can expect unparalleled performance and quality.

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Appvion's new sustainable direct thermal product portfolio, EarthChem™, is home to innovative, environmentally friendly paper and film direct thermal products that embody the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Résiste® 165 E

Résiste® 165 E is a top-coated direct thermal label facestock that was specifically designed with our patented phenol-free direct thermal chemistry to revolutionize package delivery and logistics direct thermal label production with enhanced end-user performance and value.