Specialty Coating Solutions

Our solutions leverage a unique blend of direct thermal and specialty coating expertise, proprietary processes, and technical know-how to support consumers in their everyday lives, from weigh-scale labels at the deli, medical wristbands, retail shelf marking, and e-commerce packages.

Optimized Efficiency

In today’s market, data-fueled insights are essential. Our solutions enable the critical information end-users need is printed legibly, provides a crisp image, and withstands a variety of environments to provide businesses greater visibility.

Real-Time Connection

We live in a connected world. Doctors authenticate patient identity, pharmacists verify a patient’s medication and dosage, and consumers track the arrival of their package. Appvion solutions ensure connectivity for these vital relationships.

Value-Based Approach

Chemistry is key for innovative direct thermal and specialty coated solutions that continually improve sustainability and the environment. Our value-based approach supports increasing end-user requests for products made with more natural components.

Browse Appvion's Solutions by Business Segment

LABEL | Our direct thermal label portfolio is designed to meet specific labeling needs for a variety of barcode applications, i.e., high printing speed, excellent barcode contrast, resistance and versatility, and environmental, chemical, and resistance properties.

Label Solutions →

TICKET & TAG | The crisp imaging of our direct thermal ticket and tag products ensures reliable barcode scannability and consistent image quality. At the same time, excellent press printing characteristics allow for compatibility with high-quality image graphics.

Ticket & Tag Solutions →

GAMING | Appvion provides the gaming industry with durable solutions that last. Our direct thermal gaming products are ideal for pre-printing fine detail and have exceptional resistance properties. Many grades are backcoated for compatibility with high-definition graphics.

Gaming Solutions →

FILM | Our film solutions provide an excellent barrier for unique applications in which high plasticizer content adhesives could migrate through the paper sheet. Direct thermal films also provide extra durability, resistance, and sharp imaging for high water resistance or sheet strength applications.

Film Solutions →

PACKAGING & SPECIALTY COATINGS | Our recyclable, renewable-based packaging substrates are designed explicitly to provide sustainable solutions for a circular economy. Our commitment to eco-friendly packaging solutions align with responsible consumption habits to enable lasting change.

Packaging & Specialty Coatings Solutions →

Phenol-Free Direct Thermal Solutions

Appvion recently introduced a patent-pending, phenol-free technology that is foundational for its future direct thermal portfolio. The new phenol-free technology design produces a heat-stable product that meets or exceeds all critical product characteristics. Résiste Rx with Phenol-Free Technology is our first commercialized product within this new portfolio. Résiste Rx serves the pharmaceutical market as a variable information printed (VIP) direct thermal label for pharmacy and mail-order prescriptions.

Dispersible Direct Thermal Label

Appvion's Dispersible Direct Thermal label solution is a unique material that looks, feels, and tears like ordinary direct thermal paper but has a distinguishing feature — it disperses in cold water, hot water, and most aqueous solutions. Our patent-pending dispersible technology is suitable for direct thermal labeling systems, encouraging consistent food labeling practices and food safety tracking.

What's Cooking in Food Packaging?

Our packaging solutions leverage Appvion's century-long expertise in material science as these products consist of a revolutionary, water-based coating applied to a fiber-based substrate. Fiber-based substrates promote a circular economy and support the movement to eliminate the billions of single-use, plastic barrier, and chemically treated packaging products that litter our landfills and oceans. These products are produced under rigorous manufacturing standards in our FDA-compliant facility.

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