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Appvion’s Appleton Plant Achieves 500,000 Safe Man Hours

Appleton, Wisconsin, October 28, 2020  Appvion Operations, Inc., is proud to share that on October 15, 2020 the Appleton Plant achieved 500,000 safe man hours without a recordable injury. This impressive milestone is due to the personal commitment each employee made to work safe for themselves, their family, and their coworkers.

Safety is Appvion’s first core value as there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our employees. Rob Belanger, vice president of manufacturing, shares “reaching the 500,000 safe man hour mark without a recordable injury is something that every individual in the Appleton plant should be extremely proud of. This milestone is proof that Appvion is dedicated to our core value of safety while also operating in a productive and efficient manner.”

Appvion has adapted a “Believe in Zero” approach to all aspects of health and safety driven through a program of consistent employee engagement from the top down. Appvion is proud of the strong partnership with the members of Local 2-469 and their commitment to Believe in Zero which encourages all team members to establish the mindset of operating with zero injuries.

“Local 2-469 members have been dedicated to working with management to eliminate hazards in the workplace. We promote an environment that learns from our experiences and the improved safety program supports this initiative. Our accomplishment reflects Local 2-469’s commitment to making safety the way we operate,” said Dan Umnus, president, Local 2-469.

Appvion believes safety is everyone’s responsibility and this is simply the beginning of the improved safety culture at the Appleton plant. The organization continues to evolve its safety program to ensure all employees go home healthy and safe each day.

About Appvion Operations, Inc.

Appvion has a passion for people, innovation, and possibilities. Founded in 1907, Appvion strives to create environmentally responsible solutions through the development and use of coating formulations and applications. As a leading manufacturer in North America, Appvion’s primary offerings include thermal, carbonless, and security paper, and consumer and industrial packaging. Appvion is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin with manufacturing operations in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit www.appvion.com or @Appvion on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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