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Appvion Launches New, CleanSlate™ Film Label Facestock

A next-generation direct thermal film that aligns with corporate sustainability goals. 

APPLETON, WI  – Today, Appvion expands its Next Generation Technology product offering by launching CleanSlate™, a direct thermal film that enhances traditional direct thermal performance by offering a higher level of environmental durability. Appvion’s CleanSlate™ film can be used in standard direct thermal printers for pressure-sensitive labels. With its unique color, CleanSlate™ is easily distinguishable and recognizable as a direct thermal film free of phenolic developers.

“Appvion’s R&D team developed a unique direct thermal film that creates a physical reaction leaving a permanent image behind. Its heat stability and long-term resistance to sunlight provides peace of mind for businesses and customers alike,” says Appvion Product Manager, Katie Sell.

Appvion recently introduced its Next Generation Technology, a patent-pending direct thermal coating design which produces heat stable, high-performing labels, films, and ticket and tag products. The following direct thermal paper face stocks are currently coated with the Next Generation Technology chemistry –

  • Résiste® 185 – A top-coated, direct thermal face stock that is resistant to oil, heat, and room temperature plasticizers used in short-term weigh scale, retail, and logistic label applications.
  • Résiste® 15% PCW – A recycled, top-coated paper label face stock that includes at least 15% post consumer waste and performs like a virgin fiber product.
  • Résiste® Rx – A durable top-coated, direct thermal paper label face stock engineered for pharmacy prescription labels.
  • Wavex® PD – A heat-stable, durable top-coated paper face stock designed for package delivery labels that are scanned with near-infrared scanners up to 670 nm.
  • CleanSlate™ Film – A direct thermal film label facestock that delivers environmental durability and heat stability for indoor and outdoor applications made with more natural components.

“With our recent launch of Next Generation Technology, CleanSlate™ is a one-of-a-kind product in our sustainable portfolio,” added Katie Sell, Appvion Product Manager. “Our forward-thinking initiatives propel Appvion toward a sustainable future.”

Appvion’s direct thermal papers and films are used worldwide in pressure-sensitive labels, linerless labels, tickets, and tags within retail, grocery, warehousing, e-commerce, and gaming applications. For more information about Appvion’s CleanSlate™ Film and direct thermal coated products, please visit appvion.com or contact an Appvion sales representative.

About Appvion

Appvion is a pioneer in the specialty and high-performance coatings market, based in Appleton, Wisconsin. Appvion’s coating solutions are applied to a wide variety of flexible substrates, including products from an FDA-compliant facility. Primary product offerings include direct thermal labels and film solutions and renewable, fiber-based consumer and industrial packaging solutions.

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