Appvion Launches New, Résiste® 165 PF for Package Delivery and Logistics Labels

Direct thermal label facestock coated with Appvion's patent-pending phenol-free direct thermal chemistry. 

APPLETON, WI – Today, Appvion announces the launch of its new, Résiste® 165 PF, a top-coated direct thermal label facestock designed for package delivery and logistics label production. The new product leverages Appvion’s patent-pending phenol-free direct thermal chemistry to deliver enhanced end-user performance and value.

“We are thrilled to introduce Résiste® 165 PF to the market, offering businesses in the package delivery and logistics industry a cutting-edge sustainable solution,” says Jon Summersett, Product Manager at Appvion. “Appvion’s unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility is at the core of this product. Our team continually develops products that deliver superior performance and better value, and I believe the industry hasn’t seen anything like it before.”

Key Features of Résiste® 165 PF include –

  • Phenol-Free Direct Thermal Chemistry: Appvion’s patent-pending phenol-free direct thermal chemistry is an eco-conscious choice for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising performance. The chemistry is also aquatic-friendly, preserving aquatic life from acute and chronic water toxicity.
  • Resistance to Heat, Water, and Alcohol: Résiste® 165 PF offers improved resistance to heat, water, and alcohol, ensuring longevity and durability. Its resistance to fading guarantees that crucial information remains clear and legible throughout the entire lifecycle of the label.
  • Lower Energy Imaging: Résiste® 165 PF allows for efficient label production, catering to the high-speed demands of package delivery and logistics operations. The product's efficiency translates to lower energy requirements for printing high-contrast images, contributing to increased savings and environmental sustainability.

“Résiste® 165 PF aligns seamlessly with our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We firmly believe that Résiste® 165 PF will not only redefine the standards for package delivery and logistics labels but also contribute significantly to a more sustainable future,” added Matt Mohelnitzky, Vice President of Marketing at Appvion.

For more information about Appvion’s Résiste® 165 PF and other direct thermal coated products, please visit or contact an Appvion sales representative.

About Appvion

Appvion is a pioneer in the specialty and high-performance coatings market, based in Appleton, Wisconsin. Appvion’s coating solutions are applied to a wide variety of flexible substrates, including products from an FDA-compliant facility. Primary product offerings include direct thermal labels and film solutions and renewable, fiber-based consumer and industrial packaging solutions.