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Appvion Introduces Résiste® SR: Pre-Siliconized Direct Thermal Facestock

Coated with Appvion’s Next Generation Direct Thermal Chemistry – free of BPA, BPS, and other phenols. 

APPLETON, WI – Appvion announces the launch of its latest innovation, Résiste® SR, a pre-siliconized direct thermal facestock that sets new standards for performance and reliability in the label industry. Eliminating the paper liner simplifies the labeling process, making Résiste® SR efficient and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. It is produced with a solvent-free, emulsion-based thermal cure silicone release. Résiste® SR is compatible with all pressure-sensitive label adhesives for linerless applications in food service, mobile printing, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

“We are thrilled to introduce Résiste® SR to the market,” says Katie Sell, Product Manager at Appvion. “Our team’s dedication to research and development has resulted in a patented solution that not only improves production efficiency but also promotes sustainability, catering to the evolving needs of modern manufacturing.”

Appvion’s Résiste® SR is a sustainable label solution that eliminates the need for liner materials, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. Résiste® SR is designed with Appvion’s Next Generation direct thermal chemistry, free of phenolic developers, including BPA, BPS, and other phenols.

Appvion formulated Résiste® SR to deliver exceptional print performance and dependable barcode scanning, all while minimizing the number one issue related to linerless printing – excessive printhead contamination. With Appvion’s new product, labels run cleanly through the printer, and images remain dark, crisp, and legible with each print.

“Our silicone release remains consistent and uniform over time, even in hot and humid conditions, providing confidence in finished product performance,” added Katie Sell, Appvion’s Product Manager.

Appvion’s direct thermal papers and films are used worldwide in pressure-sensitive labels, linerless labels, tickets, and tags within retail, grocery, warehousing, e-commerce, and gaming applications. For more information about Appvion’s Résiste® SR and direct thermal coated products, please visit or contact an Appvion sales representative.

About Appvion

Appvion is a pioneer in the specialty and high-performance coatings market, based in Appleton, Wisconsin. Appvion’s coating solutions are applied to a wide variety of flexible substrates, including products from an FDA-compliant facility. Primary product offerings include direct thermal labels and film solutions and renewable, fiber-based consumer and industrial packaging solutions.