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Appvion Introduces New Direct Thermal Receipt Paper, Free of Reactive Chemical Developers and Leuco Dye

(Appleton, Wisconsin, December 10, 2019) Appvion Operations, Inc. (“Appvion”), North America’s largest producer of direct thermal paper, is pleased to introduce the revolutionary CleanSlate™ POS receipt paper. This new Point-of-Sale (POS) product is a direct thermal paper that is free of reactive chemical developers, phenols, and leuco dye, making it an alternative to the standard POS receipt paper.

“At Appvion, we believe the environment and the economy are not mutually exclusive,” shares George W. Wurtz III, Chairman and CEO of Appvion. “Sustaining our environment is key to our future success as a company.”

The new innovative technology behind the CleanSlate™ brand relies on a physical change to develop the image. The physical change results in a more permanent image (the image will not fade), and increased resistance to heat, light, and water. In addition, CleanSlate™ POS has a reduced carbon footprint compared to Appvion’s traditional POS receipt paper.

CleanSlate™ POS is ideal for POS receipt applications in retail, gas station, and grocery locations. With its unique color, retailers can easily distinguish themselves from the rest with a paper that aligns with their corporate environmental and sustainable initiatives.

About Appvion

Appvion creates product solutions through its development and use of coating formulations and applications. The Company produces thermal, carbonless, security, inkjet, digital specialty and colored papers. Appvion, headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and employs approximately 1,150 people. For more information, visit

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