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Appvion Announces FDA Certification

(Appleton, WI — April 2, 2020) Appvion Operations, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty, high value-added coating solutions and coated paper products, announces that it is now certified compliant with FDA cGMP regulations for the manufacture of food packaging. Auditing firm ASI issued an excellent rating in certifying Appvion’s newly dedicated food packaging operation compliant with applicable 21 CFR FDA cGMP regulatory standards.

“This is a key milestone of executing our long-term strategy to leverage our core coating application and formulation capabilities in new market segments and drive profitable growth” said George Wurtz, Chairman and CEO of Appvion. “We are now able to offer our customers innovative products developed to address key issues of sustainability and recyclability for the food and beverage industry. Our new lines of aqueous coated and fully recyclable cup stock for single use food and beverage containers and our fluorochemical/PFAS-free oil and grease barrier products will now be produced in the certified plant”.

About Appvion Operations, Inc.

Appvion creates product solutions through its development and use of coating formulations and applications. The Company produces thermal, carbonless, security, inkjet, digital specialty and colored papers. Appvion is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania and employs approximately 900 people. To learn more about our capabilities or your interest in discussing these new opportunities you should go to




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