Direct Thermal Films

Our film solutions provide an excellent barrier for unique applications in which high plasticizer content adhesives could migrate through the paper sheet. Direct thermal films also provide extra durability, resistance, and sharp imaging for increased water resistance and sheet strength applications.

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Appvion’s direct thermal film product line is the perfect solution for pressure-sensitive and non-pressure sensitive applications when paper products do not provide the resistance needed. Our products are ideal for barcode applications requiring a variety of lifespan and heat sensitivity needs. Our high-strength portfolio is designed to meet the specific variable information printing needs for an array of applications and environments.

Optimum Performance

Our film portfolio is compatible with today’s direct thermal printers and produces quality images, supporting high-speed print requirements

Excellent Converting

Appvion’s direct thermal film materials provide outstanding converting characteristics such as perforating, fan-folding, die cutting, and foil stamping

Consistent Readability

Appvion’s film solutions empower end-users with consistent readability providing sharp, high-contrast imaging for effective barcode scanning

PolyTherm® 300-10.0


CALIPER (mils): 10.1

BASIS WEIGHT (g/m2): 281.0




  • Baggage Tags
  • Industrial Labels
  • Parking Violations
  • Retail Shelf Marking Labels
  • Ski Lift Tickets
PolyTherm® 600-6.0
PolyTherm® 600-4.0
PolyTherm® 300-4.1
PolyTherm® 300-3.4D
PolyTherm® 300-3.0D
PolyTherm® 200-3.8
PolyTherm® 200-3.2
PolyTherm® 190-4.1
PolyTherm® Clear 300-3.0
PolyTherm® Hotmelt 300-4.1
PolyTherm® Hotmelt 300-3.4D
PolyTherm® Hotmelt 300-3.0D
OPTIMA® Wristband 6.0
OPTIMA® S Ultrasound

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PolyTherm® topcoated film facestocks are for use in applications where high resistance or sheet strength is needed.


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PolyTherm® Clear
PolyTherm® Hotmelt

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