How We Innovate

Our approach to innovation comes down to why we do it: Create a Better Tomorrow. Sustainability, efficiency, and continuous improvement are some of the guiding principles that define how we innovate and the type of collaborations we pursue.

World-Class Pilot Facility

We’re proud to exceed industry standards for our rapid design capabilities. Our team immediately analyzes, tests, and reviews each product attribute, which advances the prototyping process, allowing us to get a tangible product sample quickly. Our pilot coater simulates our full scale commercial coaters. It offers formulation and integration opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable, affording creative freedom for entirely customizable solutions for our customers. Appvion’s pilot facility provides:

  • Widths up to 32 inches, rewinder widths up to 40 inches
  • Speed up to 3,500 FPM, diameters up to 59 inches
  • Air floatation ovens, IR ovens
  • Offline pilot calendar with widths up to 38 inches
  • Coating stations to match each full-scale method
  • Line speeds to match full-scale commercial speeds
  • Ability to produce customer-ready prototypes for evaluation
  • TAPPI Lab with comprehensive paper testing capabilities

Collaborate With Appvion

Excellent products require flexible partnerships, so we look at the project holistically when you come to us for a custom coating solution. Appvion believes strategic innovation in partnerships is needed to generate significant value for consumers, our customers, and our organization. It challenges us to look beyond established business boundaries and mental models to participate in a creative exploration of the realm of possibilities to deliver a superior solution.

Our Innovation

The technology process begins with our team of scientists and chemists in our research and development group at our innovation center. We pride ourselves on creating integrated coating solutions. Our R&D team intimately understands how molecules work, not just what they do, allowing each layer of our coating structures to have the most optimized formula.

Rapid Design Capabilities

Positive product development outcomes occur during the design and application of coatings at our world-class pilot facility. We can immediately analyze, design, test, and review product coatings’ chemical, physical, and performance attributes, which advances product development and enables rapid end-user feedback.

Superior Instrumentation

The superior instrumentation in our five Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry (TAPPI) labs advances the prototyping process, allowing us to get a tangible product sample in hand quickly. This process enables rapid evaluation by our team and, most importantly, our customers.

Performance and Technology Areas

Unique environmentally responsible water-based coating solutions

  • Thermal responsive
  • Chemical and environmental resistance
  • Digital receptive
  • Barrier properties/durability
  • Soft touch/feel coatings
  • Antimicrobial coatings
  • Pressure responsive
  • Phenol free direct thermal coatings
  • Recyclable barrier coatings
  • Heat sealable coatings
  • FDA-compliant barrier coatings
  • Flourochemical-free barrier coatings
  • Release coatings
  • Heat activated adhesives
  • Non-contact printing
Coating Application Types
Substrate Offerings
Advanced Instrumentation

We're ready for the next challenge.