Need Coating? We’ve got it and a whole lot more!


For more than a century, we have been using coatings to make paper more printable, colorful, durable, securable, versatile, identifiable, and in the end, more valuable.


We are proud of our many industry firsts and eager to collaborate with our customers to achieve even more. We thrive on challenge and believe our resourcefulness is as valuable to our customers as our resources.

Appvion was founded with the simple belief that we could make paper more valuable by applying coatings to it. Today, more than a century later, that ability to add value to paper is one of the things that sets Appvion apart from other paper producers. We serve the world as the leading producer of carbonless, thermal and security papers.
We also use our technology, expertise, and scale to provide specialty products and services such as high-speed inkjet papers, contract manufacturing services, colored papers and digital specialty substrates.

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