Legibility is extremely important in medical applications. Doctors' handwriting aside.


In a hospital, the difference between a 3 and an 8 can be the difference between life and death. Which is why we design all of our scientific and office papers with legibility in mind. And since speed can be equally as crucial when lives are on the line, that legibility never comes at the expense of faster printing.


  • Medical & office charts
  • Plotter
  • Clean room
  • Portable printer receipts

Our PolyTherm® line is our most durable paper. Based on polypropylene film, it has exceptional resistance for images that stay legible longer. And without paper fibers, it makes a great choice for clean room applications.

Our Alpha® line, on the other hand, is a more general-purpose grade. Available in a wide range of sensitivities and thicknesses, it allows you to carefully match the specs of your analog and digital equipment for the best recording detail.
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