We can't stop luggage from getting lost. But we can make it easier to find.

​Every once in a while, a suitcase is going to get a free trip to Hawaii while its owner boards a flight to Paris. And whether it ends up in a storage closet or on a flight back to its owner, all depends on how easy it is to scan the luggage tag. So we make sure all of our label and PolyTherm® products give you excellent bar-code contrast at high printing speeds. Something that also comes in particularly handy in warehouses. Because even if rescanning an item only takes 5 seconds, if you have 3 million items that can be a problem.



  • Baggage tags
  • Warehouse labels
  • Package delivery
  • Retail labels
  • Bakery labels

Our PolyTherm® line is our most durable product. Based on polypropylene film, it has exceptional resistance for images that stay sharp. Which is great for shelf labels, exterior labels and bags waiting on a rainy tarmac.

Wavex® is designed specifically for infrared and near-infrared scanners to give you the reliable read rates you need when delivering packages or cataloging lab samples.

While our Résiste® line gives you a topcoated option in a range of print speeds and image colors.

For applications where you need your labels to really stand out, add color with our ThermArt®​ line.

And for the most economical option, Alpha®​ offers non-topcoated labels that are great for products that aren't going to sit around for long. Like cupcakes.