Ironically, many of our best ideas are thrown away


How long or how tight a product is held has a big impact on how we put it together. For racing slips that are​ discarded within minutes, we focus our efforts on economy. For lottery tickets, we create our paper ​to withstand a bit of handling. And for coinless slots, we give our paper a currency-like feel. Since that’s exactly what it’s about to turn into.


  • Lottery
  • Coinless slots
  • Sports book
  • Tote/wagering

Our Résiste® line gives you long image life and has a special reverse-side coating that easily handles small print.

Royale is specially made for coinless slot machines and gives you both high-definition images and image life.





Alpha® Plus is ideal for applications, like lottery tickets, where you need a moderate amount of resistance to handling. It also features a printable reverse-side for small print.

And the Alpha®​ line gives you an economical choice for general-purpose applications where you don't need extended image life.
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