Memories fade. Front row center ticket stubs don’t.


Whether they end up in a scrapbook or an expense report, tickets need to last. So we topcoat our entertainment and transit paper to help it survive exposure to chemicals, the environment and, most of all, time. We also design our paper to handle high-quality graphics at high printing speeds. Because no one wants to wait in line for two hours just to end up with balcony tickets.



  • Event & cinema tickets
  • Retail tags
  • (ATB) Boarding passes 
  • Parking tickets
  • Bus and rail tickets

Our PressPro® line is our most souvenir-worthy paper, giving you eyepopping image quality with four-color backside printing.


While our PolyTherm® line gives you added strength and tear resistance for applications like baggage tags or parking tickets.

​​​​​Résiste® stands up to handling, making it great for tickets that spend more than their share of time being clutched tightly. Like boarding passes or movie tickets.

And Alpha® gives you an economical choice for general-purpose applications where tickets are destined for the recycle bin when all is said and done.​​