Appvion’s direct thermal point of sales products provide the speed and image quality necessary to handle a variety of receipt end-use applications. These applications range anywhere from grocery and retail stores to banking ATM’s and gas pumps. All of our thermal products have been BPA-free since 2006.

Two-Sided Alpha® 400-2.3 2.3 61.3 Standard    
Alpha® 820-3.4 3.4 77.4 Medium         
POS PLUS® 600-2.4 2.3 56.1 High     
ThermArt® Blue 400-2.3 2.3 52.3 Standard   
ThermArt® Canary 400-2.3 2.3 52.3 Standard   
ThermArt® Green 400-2.3 2.3 52.3 Standard   
ThermArt® Pink 400-2.3 2.3 52.3 Standard   

End-Use Application Key:
ATM Receipts
Credit Card Receipts
Economy POS Receipts
Extended Life Receipts
Gas Pump Receipts
Grocery Receipts
High Profile Receipts
Industrial Labels
Medical Charts
Parking Receipts
POS Receipts
Receipts Requiring Graphics Logos
Restaurant Receipts

*Use of Appvion thermal products in processing, equipment, end-use or other applications for which they were not intended voids all warranties.

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