Appvion direct thermal media products provide solutions for a variety of medical needs. Whether paper or film, our products will deliver a high quality image, while remaining legible in the harshest medical environments. Our direct thermal medical product line was developed to provide the essential chemical and environmental resistance needed, such as exposure to high temperatures, hand sanitizers, cleansers and humidity. These durable direct thermal solutions will ease your mind, so you can focus on the real task at hand – providing the best care and assistance for patients every day.

OPTIMA® Wristband 6.0 6.1 121.8 High  
OPTIMA® Wristband 4.0 3.9 79.7 High  
OPTIMA® S Ultrasound 3.2 68.0 High  
Résiste® Rx 3.2 78.9 High  
Alpha® 820-3.4 3.4 77.4 Medium  
Alpha® 820-2.4 2.4 50.4 Medium  

End-Use Application Key:
Medical Charts
Medical Wristbands
Ultra Sound

*Use of Appvion thermal products in processing, equipment, end-use or other applications for which they were not intended voids all warranties.

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