DocuMark Custom

No one knows your security better than you do. Except maybe the people you're using it against.

You've spent more time thinking about your security needs than just about anyone. And it's that expertise we're ready to put to work with our DocuMark® Custom series.



  • Financial documents
  • Brand protection
  • Identity documents
  • Prescription pads

Choose from a selection of predesigned fourdrinier watermarks or create a one-of-a-kind watermark that’s unique to your business. Our custom dandy roll workshop and graphics experts will work with you to develop an exclusive combination of design and in-paper security that’s almost impossible to duplicate.



Then add your choice of security threads, fibers and indicator stains. And if you still need more security, add microscopic taggants that can only be seen with a special reader. Or starlights and planchettes that are only visible under black light. It’s a higher level of security. Thanks to an equally high level of flexibility​



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