The best protection against fraud is to prevent it from ever happening – by creating documents that deter the schemes that fraud criminals use. Make your documents difficult to attack and criminals will seek easier targets.

No matter what level of protection you need, the DocuCheck® and DocuMark® product family has a security paper that can form a solid foundation upon which to build your defense strategy. By combining our in-paper features with added elements provided by print partners, you can create a virtually impenetrable barrier to fraud.

DocuCheck® Basic: Entry-level protection for general-purpose security documents. Effectiveness, quality and dependability — all at an affordable price.

DocuCheck® Ghost: Reliable performance for mid-level protection. An artificial watermark provides a subtle but distinct graphic that is easily authenticated with a coin, naked eye or a black (UV) light.

DocuCheck® Impede: Effective and efficient for moderate levels of protection. Features our exclusive LineMark® Watermark, for quick authentication with the naked eye.

DocuCheck® Watermark: Ideal for high-risk situations. Includes distinctive true in-paper watermarks that are virtually impossible to reproduce. Includes visible and invisible fibers that allow for quick authentication with the naked eye or under black (UV) light.

DocuMark® Custom: For applications requiring the highest levels of security. Starting with a true in-paper watermark, this line can be customized to incorporate any of the advanced security features available.

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