With business checks, the only duplicate you want is the one that goes to accounting.


Just because you don’t want criminals copying your checks, doesn’t mean you don’t want a copy for accounting. So we created a special carbonless version of our DocuCheck® line of security paper.

Like our regular DocuCheck paper, it’s produced in a fully enclosed, secure facility that’s U.S. Treasury- and GPO-approved. And it offers multiple levels of protection from fraud, including visible and invisible fibers, acid and alkali indicator stains, and a unique multitonal fourdrinier watermark.​ 


Our DocuCheck Basic® paper gives you entry-level protection against fraud and identify tampering with invisible fibers and three different indicator stains.

While DocuCheck Ghost® provides the added protection of a printed watermark. 


DocuCheck® Impede® takes that protection to the next level with a nonreproducible LineMark® watermark.


And our DocuCheck Watermark® paper offers the highest level of protection available in a stock product.


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