Appvion’s line of Consumer and Industrial products provide safe, renewable, recyclable barrier packaging by eliminating plastic films and PFAS.

Mission Zero consumer and industrial products offer excellent resistance to hot and cold liquids, oils, and grease making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. Our coated substrates have excellent conversion performance and printability to display brand, graphics, and consumer messaging.

• Broad basis weight or caliper range
• Functional barrier to liquid, oil and grease
• Excellent heat-seal
• Manufactured without PFAS or plastic films
• Works with all standard converting equipment
• Recyclable and repulpable
• Excellent printability on both sides
• FDA Approved
• Folding Cartons
• Bakery boxes
• Corrugated boxes
• Frozen and Fresh Food Containers
• Multi-Wall bags
• Stand Up Pouches

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