We believe ethical behavior is the right thing to do as an organization and as a community. As a long-held, core value of our company and our shareholders, it is the foundation of our lasting business success. Honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior are the responsibility of every Appvion associate. We must conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest business standards, provide safe environments for our associates, and manufacture with sustainable practices.  How we achieve success is as important as the success we achieve.

The Code of Conduct is our guide to ethical business behavior.  It cannot address every situation or circumstance, but it can be summarized in one simple idea: “Do what is right.”  We do not simply follow the letter of the law; we follow and exceed the spirit of the law.

Safety & Integrity
There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our employees. We treat all people with dignity and respect. We view ourselves as environmental stewards and consistently look to improve our footprint. We comply with all laws/regulations.

Customer Focus
Strong customer relationships are essential. We pride ourselves on understanding their needs and ensuring we satisfy them in order to create economic value for both of us.

Value Creation
Our goal is to create real long-term value by economic means. We strive to eliminate waste, understand, develop and apply proven techniques to achieve superior results in all areas of our company.

Excellence in All We Do
We strive to demonstrate the sense of urgency of entrepreneurial spirit that started every great company! Every discipline needs to return its cost of capital year over year and strive to achieve or be the industry benchmark. Urgency, discipline, judgement, initiative and creativity.

We consistently hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to produce economic results in our area of responsibility that creates real value for our company. We recognize, celebrate and reward our successes and also have the courage to address underperforming assets.