Appvion was incorporated in May 1907 as The Appleton Coated Paper Company. Our founder, Charles S. Boyd, believed he could add value to paper by applying a coating to make it more printable. At the time, paper machines could not make and coat paper in a single operation, creating a market niche for independent paper converters. He’d chosen Appleton, Wisconsin as the site for his plant, not because it was his hometown but because of the paper mills dotting the shores of the Fox River that could feed base stock to his new enterprise.

Our history is critical to who we are today. If you look at the values that were established over 100 years ago, they are still woven within the fabric of Appvion. Entrepreneurial spirit, high performance coatings, and customer focus were just as critical in the early years as they are today.

Appvion is a pioneer in the specialty and technical coatings business. From our previous carbonless paper and microencapsulation advancements to today’s direct thermal offerings, these and other innovative solutions are attributed to the brainpower of our research and development team. Chemists and scientists have been the backbone of our team from as early as 1921 and still spend considerable time in the development and testing of raw materials and our coating technology.

We have embraced many changes in the industry over the decades and our company has gone through a tremendous transition over the past five years. Today under our corporate umbrella, there are two primary business units: Advanced Materials & Solutions (AMS) and Packaging & Specialty Coatings which we launched in 2019. We have positioned ourselves well: the right people, the right solutions, and the right assets are in place for our future success. All of them rolled together gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace as we look to define the next hundred years.